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We help companies build brands and establish seamless design and marketing materials to streamline your business.

At Lost Star Graphix, we are all about strategy – and have been since day one. We are fully versed in today’s advanced technologies, and are ahead of the curve in developing innovative online marketing strategies. Our experience helps us deliver online marketing strategies that work. Our process is fact-based, and our team brings an exceptional level of expertise to the table to help and guide you through the planning phase.


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Comprehensive approach to reach your online potential.

Our digital marketing strategy and consulting service is for businesses that would like to achieve a solid online presence through brand development, website, SEO and social media. Our goal is to help you think about the big picture of your online presence. By determining specific target audiences, identifying objectives, and understanding what a conversion means to your organization, we can assess what the best plan is for your business. From technical strategies, to brand development, we can establish a custom roadmap for you.

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Brand Development

Your brand tells your story.

Branding is our business. Every company, large or small, should have a unique, compelling brand. Our creative team has over 18 years of experience in building brands and establishing company identity.  We take the time to understand the background of your business, your mission, and what you envision for the future, and develop a clear brand identity that sets your company apart from your competitors. Successful branding requires a full understanding of your business, and how you are different from the rest. We take all the time needed to develop a brand identity that inspires a response – from the right customers.

Site Architecure

A strategy for success starts with site architecture.

Website architecture is the blueprint upon which your website is built. It is a technological art, and at Lost Star Graphix, we are experts in determining the most effective foundation to increase user engagement and ease of site navigation. Our web developer team works to create a site plan that reflects your specific target audience’s questions, interests, and where they look when planning to buy. Site architecture planning is the roadmap for a successful website – and we don’t leave it up to chance. We develop every website by planning the architecture so it functions to give your visitors an optimal web experience.

A clearly defined and drafted website structure makes it possible to save money and time, avoiding the need for extensive changes in the design and development phase. We build a foundation for success that stands the tests of time.

Site Architecture

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